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We are very drunk.

What were you thinking of in allowing the loyalists into the castle?

Put the eggs in the fridge.

Werner is eating his favorite ice cream.

I expect that he will help us.


I know that she has always been loved by him.

Everybody calls him Russell.

I'm not entirely convinced that what Pantelis said is true.

I want a book in Swedish.

She gave a faint smile.

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Have a drink.


As a result of the blow, he became insane.

I like painting, too.

Can I tell Bertrand what the answer is?


Sanche is a bit drunk.


Most companies have their own labor unions.


We're standing.


Dan was pushed under a moving train.

What's so pressing?

We don't want anyone asking questions.

The flowers are magenta.

I don't believe him at all.

I don't want to tell you.

We know what we're up against.

Sirius is a binary star system. Sirius B, Sirius A's faint companion, is the white dwarf closest to our solar system. It is about as big as our earth.

Do you have a big house?

I hope this nice weather will last.

Who knows when Vilhelm was born?


We are wearing expensive jewels.


I just need to know you're OK.

Everybody who's anybody will be there.

I feel like having a cup of tea.

I recognized her by her fiery red hair.

You must unmask the impostors.

There's something we don't have enough of.

He is capable of keeping a secret when he wants to.

Don't bother standing up.

Can someone accept that phone call?

He wrote a book on porcelain.

They're trying to restrain Noam.

Have you known her since 1990?

You'd better bandage the wound at once.

I get paid on the first.

How did the meeting go?

Joel wanted to take a shower.

Take care of the kids for me.

I'm calling Teruyuki right now.

That is how the accident occurred.

Everyone, please be quiet.

Let's appeal to the people to see what they'll say.

Go and get the money ready.

I'm not going second, I'm going first.


Answer the question.


Naresh didn't know that Jeany had already bought bread.

The student majors in philosophy.

Charleen is very eager to go with you.

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He started laughing.

Never think you know it all.

Cost is a definite factor in making our decision.

The situation was difficult, but Liisa helped Markku out of a jam.

I didn't do that either.


I'm not going to eat that.


Ninja was chosen from among 300 applicants.


He'll answer your letter soon.

Elliot entered the conference room, carrying a clipboard.

March 14th is Pi day.

I understand no English and German even less.

This cake tastes like it has cheese in it.

We never should've done that.

Tim will be here only a few days.

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My grandfather was given a gold watch when he retired.

I won't discuss this with him.

The party has been put off until next Tuesday.

I don't know how to talk to kids.

I'm just finishing up.


We think that we die for our country, but we die for corporations.

Don't you think the air conditioner is turned up too high in here?

Why don't we ask him to help?


You should stay in school.


Just the gesture is enough, thank you.

Nathan let Suzan know the truth.

How does tomorrow evening sound to you, say at nine?

Piercarlo was arrested for public indecency.

These multicolored socks are hand-knitted.


He wants to speak.

Dan had another plan in mind.

My father will be back at the beginning of next month.

At the least there is nobody who equals Madonna.

Do you think Beth killed Connie?

Jim managed to control his anger.

This bridge is two times the length of that bridge.

A cat can see in the dark.

Most seagulls are carnivorous.

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I trust you all.

Some people have to be told everything.

Norm can't really blame Omar for getting angry.


Toft should be here any minute.

The train is in.

"I love me some dinner in the morning," says King Harkinian.


Are you sure that Margaret is behind this?

Gunter poured himself another shot of bourbon.

My grandfather taught me the good habit of squirreling away money for a rainy day.

Study with us!

The hospital wants nurses to care for its patients.

It is not till we lose our health that we realize its true value.

Although most people thought of the Bible as a compendium of inspirational thought and Near Eastern traditions, an American school board wanted to declare it a science textbook.

Dr. Sagan suffered from a rare bone marrow disease called myelodysplasia.

That was his first time.

What did they do to you?

Did they fire you?

I take sides with him.

I asked Bill what the weather had been like during his travel.

Her parents are older than ours.

He can't swim at all, but when it comes to skiing, he is the best.

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We all want what's best for this country.

Does it even matter?

I already explained to you that I was over Kent.

I found the problem uncomplicated.

You already know the answer.


You must be blind as a bat if you couldn't see it.


The birds stopped chirping.


Somebody left his umbrella behind.

A successful business is built on careful financial management.

You both seem very young.

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Krzysztof clinked his glass with Tal's.

Would it inconvenience you to go yourself?

Piercarlo came up with a couple of good ideas.

Is there enough gravy?

I'm going back to bed now.

They're safe.

When inserting the budwood into the root stock make the cambium layer overlap.

You should suppress your pride.

The sentence got longer after it was re-written.

This detergent works like magic.

Rafik is trying to wake Hienz up.

He is above telling lies.

Charity begins at home.

Ancient Greeks built water wheels to grind grain thousands of years ago.

Nigel began pacing.

I thought you'd found someone else.

I won fair and square.

Everything is costing more than it did last year.

I ate light.


Our escape was nothing short of miracle.

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I'm going to chop this tree down.

I've given you my answer already.

He continued to work.

This is the best birthday dinner ever.

I was taken prisoner.

I found the Japanese sentence weird, but since it was written by a native, I thought that it was probably correct.

Ira decided not to wait any longer.

I loved reading when I was a child.

First of all, may I have your name, please?

She wants to be popular at school.

Malaclypse doesn't like to wear a watch.

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It goes without saying that diligence is the key to success.

I don't want this news to be made public yet.

I can't carry all that baggage.


A wonder lasts but nine days.

No woman is indifferent to her clothing.

He approached the station.


I've always been delighted with the chinese culture.

He is not himself today.

Is this normal behavior?

I do not have any more time.

Two male tailors work at the tailor's shop.